We are a nonprofit research organization advocating for free transit access for people experiencing homelessness. In 2015, the Toronto Poverty Reduction Strategy stated that reducing transit inequity is an essential part of reducing income inequality in Toronto. Equitable access to public transit means the ability to participate in and access economic opportunities, services, social and cultural networks. We believe that price should not be a barrier to this participation. This is why we are researching the effects of free transit on quality of life for youth experiencing homelessness. We want to create a base of knowledge displaying how access to these opportunities can positively impact quality of life. Transit Access Project is inspired by the “Routes to Homes” project led by Dr. Miriam Stewart in 2013 from the University of Alberta. Dr. Stewart’s project, also observing the effects of free public transit for youth experiencing homelessness on quality of life, led to a city-wide program of fully subsidized transit for all people experiencing homelessness in Edmonton. We at Transit Access Project for Youth are hoping to create a base of research to motivate such a program in Toronto. Transit Access Project is possible through our partnership and support from City of Toronto’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Office (instead of just city of toronto), the TTC, the Toronto Shelter Network, the Suburban Mobilities Lab, Engineers without Borders and the Youth Wellness Lab at the University of Toronto. We have active partnerships with three youth shelters in Toronto.

Current team members include:

Project Leads:
Rachel Wong and Mona Murphy
Lead Finance Director:
Emma Blewett
Research Assistant:
Prianka Murthy

Project Director, Research and Strategy:
Noah Kelly
Spatial Data Analyst:
Emma Seabrook
External Affairs and Strategy
Adam El-Masri

Academic Oversight Committee:
Ignacio Tiznado Aitken
Stephanie Begun
Amanda Buchnea
Steven Farber
Naomi Nichols